Opt Out of Predictive Analytics

Learn more about predictive analytics and your ability to opt-out of advisor/administrator access to this information

Predictive Analytics

As part of Pathways, we use administrative student data (e.g., course grades, GPA, admissions data) to identify students who might need more help to achieve key milestones, like being retained and graduating on-time. Advisors and administrators use the results of these predictive analytic models for targeted outreach to students and to inform advising.

It is important to keep in mind that only administrative student data are used, not things like, card swipes around campus or Wifi usage. However, students can opt-out of advisors and administrators having access to the results of the predictive analytic models.  As such, students would not be a part of targeted outreach and their advisors wouldn’t have the results of the predictive analytic models to inform advising conversations.

If you would like to opt out, please complete the Opt-Out form

If you opted out and would like to opt back in, please complete the Opt-Back-In form